About - The Improper Mug 

It All Started With My Daughter

Hey There! Thanks for Stopping by! I'm Jennifer the name and face behind The Mug Life Co. and the majority of our designs . I'm a single mom of two humans and one really large dog and I reside in a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina. I landed here while escaping from the vicious winters of Massachusetts and decided the place looked nice. Fast forward 11 years and I am still loving it!
I started The Mug Life Co. as an escape from all the bad news that inundates us on a daily basis and to distract me from the changes and stress happening in my life while going through a divorce and adjusting to being a single parent. With a desperate need to find joy and laughs in life, I started putting the things everyone is thinking, but no one dares to say on Mugs and T-shirts then sharing them with family and friends! With the encouragement of a close friend I opened up a shop on Etsy to sell my wares and have found great joy in sharing my crazy thoughts and designs with the world!

 So, thank you for your support, and sharing some laughs. Please tell your friends, family and co-workers about us! We'd love to send you some mugs or novelty items personalized or custom designed for your specific need :) 

All the Best,
The Mug Life Company
Spreading joy....or sarcasm, one mug at a time

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